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Duration: 60 min
Presenter: Rahul Negi
Full Stack Web and App Developer at D Rubix Cage webinar

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You will learn valuable insights and strategies from our experienced presenters. Whether you are a professional or want to start your career in this Mern Stack, this webinar is the best opportunity to enhance your knowledge and grow personally and professionally.

An overview of a webinar on MERN Stack.

Course Module

With SkillQ, you’ll receive instruction from some of the most experienced professionals in the MERN Stack industry. Our expert covers the essential skills and knowledge required to build full-stack web applications using this technology stack.

Module 1: Introduction to MERN Stack

  • Introduction to full-stack web development.
  • Overview of MERN Stack and its components.
  • Setting up development environment for MERN Stack.
  • Building a “Hello, World!” application using MERN Stack

Module 2: MongoDB

  • Introduction to MongoDB and NoSQL databases.
  • Setting up MongoDB and creating a database.
  • Performing CRUD operations with MongoDB.
  • Querying data using MongoDB

Module 3: Express.js

  • Introduction to Express.js and web application frameworks.
  • Setting up an Express.js server.
  • Creating RESTful APIs using Express.js.
  • Handling HTTP requests and responses with Express.js

Module 4: React.js

  • Introduction to React.js and frontend libraries.
  • Creating React components and managing state and props.
  • Handling user input and events in React.js.
  • Building a frontend application using React.js

Module 5: Node.js

  • Introduction to Node.js and runtime environments.
  • Running JavaScript code outside of the browser using Node.js.
  • Using npm to manage dependencies in Node.js.
  • Building a backend server using Node.js and Express.js

Module 6: Building a MERN Stack Application

  • Putting it all together to build a full-stack web application.
  • Creating a user interface with React.js
  • Connecting to a MongoDB database using Node.js and Express.js
  • Deploying a MERN Stack application to a cloud service provider

Module 7: Best Practices

  • Best practices for building web applications using MERN Stack.
  • Optimizing performance and scalability of MERN Stack applications.
  • Ensuring security and data privacy in MERN Stack applications.
  • Debugging and troubleshooting MERN Stack applications.

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Our expert covers the essential skills and knowledge required to build full-stack web applications using this technology stack.